The Polysemy of Image: Nicolas Rupcich's Video Art Adventures

Episode 12

4/23/20242 min read

In this in-depth conversation, Nicolas Rupcich shares his experience as a multidisciplinary artist transitioning from his native in Chile to restarting a career in Germany. He delves into the essence of his work, emphasizing the importance of place, adventure, and technology in the creation of his video and installation art.

In this episode you will hear about:

• Rupcich’s experience growing up in Chile and the influence of nature on his work
• his creative process, including the importance of photography and note taking
• the struggle to restart an artistic career in a new country
• the artist’s adventurous residencies in remote locations like Patagonia and the Arctic Circle

The conversation also touches on the complexities of selling video art, the importance of audience feedback, the logistical challenges of exhibiting video installations and the artist's dream projects. We conclude with details about upcoming exhibitions and advice for emerging artists.

05:59 Artistic Inspirations and the Role of Nature

08:25 Journey Through Education and Moving Abroad

11:46 Exploring Installation Art and Video Work

22:47 The Evolution of Artistic Process and Technique

29:53 Engaging with Audiences and the Impact of Feedback

34:30 Navigating the Art World: Opportunities and Challenges

42:03 Navigating Installation Challenges and Improvisation

45:06 Future Proofing Video Art

46:45 The Business Side of Video Art

49:57 Online Presence and Sharing Video Art

52:00 Residencies: From Patagonia to the Arctic

01:02:05 The Hard Truths

01:05:15 Advice for Emerging Video Artists

01:07:49 Dream Projects and Future Aspirations

01:09:33 Upcoming Exhibitions

Nicolas Rupcich is based in Berlin. You can check out his work on his website and follow his updates on Instagram:

Also mentioned in this episode:
Universidad Finis Terrae: | @UFinis
Universidad de Chile: |
Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst: |
Dusseldorf School of Photography:
: |
Engine: |
CAB residency in Tierra del Fuego:
Arctic Circle residency: |
Arabia Saudita aka The Line:
Water Light Festival: |
Doris Ghetta: |
festival: |

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