The Installation Art Podcast is your go-to resource for all things installation art. Join host Anastasia Parmson – an artist herself — as she uncovers stories, challenges, and lessons from behind the scenes.

We bring you in-depth conversations with internationally renowned artists and arts professionals who have exhibited installation art on the global stage. In each episode, you will hear about the creative process and the personal journeys of these exceptional artists.

We will gain insights into the unique joys and challenges; as well as the logistical and financial aspects of working with installation art.

Join us every fortnight as we shine a light on this underserved field, helping artists feel less alone in their studios and providing a platform for community building and knowledge sharing.


Anastasia Parmson is an installation artist born in Estonia, educated in France and currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Her work is centred around turning simple line drawings into immersive installations of domestic interiors. Personal stories and pop culture references are tinged with humour and a sense of nostalgia, exploring the notions of home and belonging.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at National Art School and MAY SPACE Gallery in Australia, Megan Dickinson Gallery in New Zealand, Tallinn Light Biennale in Estonia, Apollonia Art Exchanges in France, and more.

Anastasia has been featured in multiple blogs and publications such as Articulate Magazine, Create! Magazine and Colossal.