Immersive Experiences at Venice Biennale 2024: An Artist’s Perspective (BONUS)

Episode 13

5/28/20244 min read

A must-listen if you are planning a visit to Venice Biennale in 2024!

In this special bonus episode, host Anastasia Parmson takes us through the 60th Venice Art Biennale. Recorded live on location, we get:

• a detailed, candid overview of each day's experiences in Biennale’s Giardini, Arsenale and other locations
• some spicy and maybe even thought-provoking critiques of exhibitions and national pavilions
• a peek at the logistical challenges while navigating Venice and the Biennale
• a sense of the emotional and physical toll of attending such a large-scale art event

Key highlights include an analysis of the host’s favourite pavilions, why she was “in a confused rage” at one of the exhibitions and an ode to site-specific installation. The episode also delves into the less glamorous aspects such as disappointing moments, crowded tourist areas, ticketing and planning fails. It's an honest, enthusiastic, and often funny account that art aficionados and curious listeners alike will find enlightening.

02:43 Day 1: arriving to the Biennale
04:36 60th International Art Exhibition
11:21 Exploring Giardini
22:24 Day 2: Navigating Venice & The Pavilions
31:24 Exploring Arsenale
44:38 Rant on Contemporary Art
47:19 Day 3: Back for More in Arsenale
54:14 Performances at German Pavilion
01:00:38 Ode To Site-Specific Installation
01:09:52 Art And Context From Giardini
01:17:51 Day 4: A Fail

Mentioned in this episode:
Biennale Arte 2024: |
From 20 April to 24 November 2024
Finnish Pavilion:
Omar Mismar: |
The Museum of The Old Colony by Pablo Delano:
Gabrielle Goliath: |
60th International Art Exhibition, titled Stranieri Ovunque – Foreigners Everywhere:
Adriano Pedrosa: |
Czech Pavilion / Eva Koťátková: |
Uruguay Pavilion / Eduardo Cardozo: | |
Australian Pavilion / Archie Moore: | |
French Pavilion / Julien Creuzet: | |
Japanese Pavilion / : | |
German Pavilion: |
Yael Bartana:
Ersan Mondtag: |
Estonian Pavilion / Edith Karlson: | |
Lithuanian Pavilion / Pakui Hardware: | |
Joshua Serafin: |
Ukrainian Pavilion: |
Latvian Pavilion / : | |
Pierre Huyghe:
Pinault Collection: |
Ilya & Emilia Kabakov:
Banksy: |
Chinese Pavilion:’s-republic
Vincent Cassel: |
Albanian Pavilion / Iva Lulashi: | |
Benin Pavilion:
Chloé Quenum:
Jerry Gogosian: |
Kosovo Pavilion | Doruntina Kastrati: | |
Serbian Pavilion / Aleksandar Denić: |ć |
Egypt Pavilion:
Poland Pavilion:
United States of America Pavilion / Jeffrey Gibson: | |
The Halluci Nation soundtrack: |
Nordic Countries Pavilion:
Danish Pavilion:
Switzerland Pavilion / Guerreiro do Divino Amor: | |
Ernest Pignon Ernest:
Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia:
Sideways (2004) reference: |
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