Denes Farkas: From Quitting Art to Venice Biennale

Episode 2

12/5/20232 min read

This interview with internationally renowned Estonian-Hungarian artist Denes Farkas, provides an in-depth exploration of his fascinating journey as an artist. Denes reveals how he went from organ building in Hungary to studying printmaking and photography at Estonian Art Academy.

He shares valuable insights about his process of creating installation works, his interest in the limitations of translation and understanding between individuals, and the challenges of producing an installation for an international event of epic proportions such as the Venice Biennale.

You can find out more about Denes Farkas’ work on his website:

And on Instagram: @denes_k_farkas |

Denes is represented by:

Ani Molnár Gallery |

Alarcon Criado Gallery |

Also mentioned in this episode:

• Estonian Art Academy @eka_estonian_academy_of_arts |

• Bruce Duffy

• Ludwig Wittgenstein

• Reina Sofia Museum @museoreinasofia |

• Traci Brimhall @OurLadyOfNod

• Wolfgang Tillmans @wolfgang_tillmans |

• Jan Kaila

• Adam Budak

• KuMu Art Museum |

• Estonian Centre For Contemporary Art

• 55th Venice Biennale |

This episode was recorded at Estonian Art Academy, courtesy of Sander Põldsaar

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00:00 Introduction

00:29 Initial Interest in Music and Organ building

02:02 Transition to Architecture and Art

03:49 Parents' Reaction to Artistic Career

05:06 Transition from Printmaking to Photography

08:10 Artistic Process and Inspiration

21:21 Decision to Quit Art

25:17 Participation in Venice Biennale

26:51 Challenges of International Collaboration

31:40 The Complexities of Transporting and Installing Art

40:13 The Impact of the Venice Exhibition on the Artist's Career

55:24 The Artist's Current Projects and Future Plans

57:15 Advice for Aspiring Artists