From Outsider to Crochet Palaces: Jeila Gueramian’s Detour Into Installation Art

Episode 1

12/6/20231 min read

Installation artist Jeila Gueramian discusses the unique challenges faced by installation artists, such as a lack of guidelines and resources. We find out how she navigates her work's site-specific and tactile nature, why she chose to work largely with textiles, and the way the space informs the final piece. We will learn how she sources her materials, why thrifting and upcycling is important to Jeila and how the community is involved in her work process.

Gueramian also discusses her upbringing and her roundabout journey into the art world. The conversation delves into practical issues and some unexpected challenges she has faced at the eleventh hour during her installation process.

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• Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art: @crystalbridgesmuseum |

• Children’s Museum of the Arts: @cmainnyc |

• MOCA LA: @moca |

This episode was recorded at City of Sydney Creative Studios

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