Art From Ruins: Nika Neelova on Sculpting Time And Transience

Episode 11

4/9/20243 min read

Artist Nika Neelova with her work
Artist Nika Neelova with her work

Episode 11 features an engaging conversation with the award-winning artist Nika Neelova, discussing her artistic career, process, and projects.

In this in-depth interview:
• Neelova shares insights into her nomadic childhood, work-life balance, and her nature as a workaholic.
• we delve into the challenges and physical demands of working with large-scale, site-specific art installations.
• Nika discusses her passion for working with found and reclaimed materials and the significance of material and historical context in her work
• the conversation also covers her collaborations with other artists and professionals, her approach to site-specific projects in remote locations, and the significant influence of literature and philosophy in her practice.
• Neelova gives examples of creating her own opportunities, and the continuous learning that comes with each project.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction
00:22 Navigating Work-Life Balance
02:05 The Fascination with Archaeology and Historical References
03:38 Exploring Roots: A Nomadic Childhood and Multilingualism
06:19 The Journey into Art: Education and Early Projects
07:17 The Evolution of Artistic Practice: Installation and Materiality
11:10 Collaboration and Learning in Artistic Production
17:17 The Role of Reclaimed Materials in Art
27:19 The Process of Creating Site-Specific Art
38:21 The Artistic Process: From Concept to Creation
39:12 Exploring the Depths of Material and Time
41:34 Embracing Serendipity
51:01 The Role of Research and Literature
58:27 The Challenges and Rewards of Large-Scale Art
01:09:07 Creating Your Own Path in the Art World
01:11:38 Looking Ahead: Future Projects and Aspirations

Nika Neelova is based in London. You can check out her work on her website and on her Instagram @nikaneelova

She works with:

Noire Gallery in Italy: |
NIKA Project Space in UAE: |
Parafin in the UK: |

Also mentioned in this episode:
The Harris Matrix:
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague: |
Slade School of Fine Art: |
Whitechapel Bell Foundry:
Piazza Castello:,_Turin
Perseo Triumfante:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: |
Arts Council England: |
Undercover Softness, essay:
Reza Negarestani:
Brighton CCA: |
Sophie Williamson: |
Daria Khan:
Mimosa House: |
Ron Mandos Gallery: |
Franz Kafka:
Noire Gallery: |
Virginia Woolf:

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