Quick Intermission & End of Season One

Episode 13

5/7/20241 min read

Short intermission while a Venice adventure awaits.

Podcast host Anastasia Parmson announces a temporary break in our regular scheduling while she is going on a trip to the Venice Biennale, the Mecca of contemporary art.

Anastasia pledges to attempt gathering bonus content about her Venice experiences and acknowledges the effort required to produce each podcast episode, promising the return of the show with exciting future content, including interviews with more internationally renowned artists.

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The Installation Art Podcast is a bi-weekly show about people who love and work with the contemporary art medium of installation.

The host Anastasia Parmson, an artist herself, interviews internationally renowned artists and arts workers about the intricacies and behind-the-scenes stories of creating and showing work that is site-specific, ephemeral, large scale or immersive.

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