Transforming Waste Into Large Scale Sculpture with Jason Peters

Episode 5

1/16/20242 min read

Step into the world of independent installation artist, Jason Peters. In this episode we delve into the challenges of creating large scale public art.

Jason Peters shares his experience:

  • From upbringing in Germany to his art education in the United States

  • The process and philosophies that drive Peters’ large-scale art installations

  • About using common and easily accessible materials like chairs or buckets

  • The importance of site specificity, adaptability, and considering audience’s reactions in his works

  • The struggles and uncertainties artists face

  • The importance of budgeting and his dream projects

Join us for an in-depth dive behind the scenes of thrifting art materials and dealing with last minute technical challenges.

00:00 Introduction and Early Life

00:48 Journey to Becoming an Artist

01:55 Artistic Influences and Early Experiences

04:24 Transition to Large Sculptures and Installations

08:54 Exploring Artistic Techniques and Materials

11:09 Public Exhibitions and Opportunities

16:38 Incorporating Light into Installations

17:54 Material Sourcing and Sustainability in Art

24:51 Site-Specific Installations and Community Engagement

31:26 An Unexpected Last Minute Challenge

33:28 The Aftermath of an Exhibition

33:50 The Value and Disposal of Artworks

35:25 Funding for Large Scale Sculptures and Installations

37:07 The Challenges of Public Art

41:21 The Audience's Role in Art

47:41 The Commercial Aspect of Art

53:08 How to Recharge Creativity

55:47 The Dream Project

57:27 Current Projects and Future Plans

Jason K Peters is an independent artist based in New York. You can see more of his work, purchase smaller pieces or a book about his work through his Instagram @jasonpetersart and on his website

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