Journey to Long Term Career Success With Artist Won Ju Lim

Episode 7

2/13/20242 min read

Visual artist Won Ju Lim shares her life, inspirations, challenges and triumphs as an installation artist. Born in South Korea, and raised in Los Angeles, Lim talks about her early rebellion, a fascination with fantastical places to her explorations into architecture and art. 

In this episode, we will:

  • Dive into Won Ju’s creative processes and how she manipulates materials and concepts to construct her installations

  • Discuss the ups and downs that come with navigating the art world, from handling the pressures of exhibiting work, dealing with the unpredictability of art sales, managing relationships with curators and art dealers, to her stratagems for pre-opening relaxation

  • Hear some jaw-dropping behind-the-scenes stories and how someone once fell on top of Lim’s works, ending up in the emergency room

  • Gain great insights about the blue chip art world, along with advice for young artists

00:00 Introduction
00:59 Early Life and Rebellion
01:56 Career Aspirations and Studying Architecture
04:20 Transition to Art and First Major Projects
09:04 Opportunities in the Art World
38:20 What Happens After A Show
39:24 Choice of Materials in a Project
40:04 Selling Installations
42:04 Audience Interaction and Damage to Art
49:44 Commercial Aspect
52:27 Mid-Career Dive and Plan B
57:27 Lessons and Advice For Artists
01:04:56 Upcoming and Dream Projects
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